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, which has four plants in china, is shutting its plants in guangdong province and the city of tianjin for four days. nissan will halt production at all three of its plants three days starting on thursday. the automakers were already planning to suspend production for one week starting on monday in observance of china's national foundation day. suzuki and other japanese automaker has decided not to close its two plants in china. but the firm will shorten operating hours at its facility in chongqing city in the run-up to the week-long holiday. >>> japan's auto production in august rose just over 4% from a year earlier. but output may be affected from this month following the end of government subsidies for buyers of ecofriendly cars and soured relations between japan and china. eight major automakers say their total domestic output last month was about $698,000 units. that's a rise for an 11th straight month compared with the previous year. but the increase is smaller than previous months when a jump of over 10% was shown. four of the eight firms reported an increase from a year before.
to create new jobs. across the street from ohma is the city of hakodate. it opposes the restart. parts of the municipalities are within 30 kilometers of the plant. residents are worried about safety. hakodate's mayor says the project should be frozen indefinitely. he says the city plans to take legal action to stop it. >> translator: our city is considering a lawsuit. i want to prepare quickly. >> industry minister yukio edano says power companies should bear the primary responsibility of winning approval of local municipalities for resuming construction of nuclear plants. he says this remains unchanged from before last year's disaster. >>> members of japan's nuclear regulation authority say they'll examine the ohma plant using new safety standards. they say they won't allow the facility to operate unless it meets the requirements. >>> unemployment in the 17-nation eurozone remained at record highs in august. the european union statistics agency said the jobless rate remained at 11.4%-that means unemployment in the zone stayed at record levels for three straight months. spain's jobless
are subsiding in chinese cities, there are still lingering concerns that the dispute may seriously affect the economies of both countries. we spoke with jian min jin, a senior fellow at fujitsu research institute to get more insight on the latest developments. >> translator: as the mutual dependence between japan and china deepens, the impact on both economies becomes bigger. in particular, the two countries are the world's second and third largest economies. that means that the bilateral issue could have an impact not only on themselves but also on the global economy. >> reporter: due to the sheer size of the chinese market, japanese companies see the country as a key business base. investments in china by japan's private sector have been rising steadily in recent years. in fact, they have gone up nearly six times over the past decade. jin says the current problem could lead japanese firms to review their future plans. >> translator: the ongoing tension is hard to resolve in the short term because the territorial dispute stems from different views of history between the two nations. an e
and dozens of chinese cities targeted their own businesses. >> translator: i felt like my body was being tortured, watching the cars being destroyed. >> in spite of the tensions, some japanese executives say they will remain committed to doing business in china. this company in osaka makes components for semiconductors. it began soon after the president decided to stop production in china next year. >> translator: i'm quite concerned about the situation. >> one of the company's biggest clients, an auto maker is to begin electric cars in china. if they are there, stop buying products and sales could suffer. >> translator: there risks. we never know what would happen. we need to consider various possibilities and we hope the problems will be resolved by the time we go to china. >> analysts say such concerns could have the makers to seek production in other countries. >> translator: retailers and others in the nonmanufacturing sector have to take risks if they are to go back to robust demand. it's the second largest economy with 1.3 billion people. when it comes to manufacturers, more
was the highest ranking communist party official of the inland city of chongqing. he was expected to join the party's top brass this year, but a series of incidents led to his downfall. his former aid etemporarily pled to the u.s. consulate in february. officials cited bo for violating party discipline. they suspended him from the post he held in the political bureau. then in july, police charged bo's wife and her aide with murdering british businessman neil haywood. a chinese court handed her a suspended death sentence in august. bo's abuse of power allegation is tied to the role he played in the haywood case. >>> making a decision on bo's future frees up chinese leaders to focus on their transition of power. delegates from across the country will convene in beijing to attend november's congress. the meeting happens every five years. delegates to the 18th congress of the chinese communist party are expected to approve new policies. they will also appoint the next generation of party leaders. vice president xi jinping is slated to succeed hu jintao and assume top post of the communist par
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5

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